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Commercial Vehicle Coverages

Peace of Mind

Protect your livelihood.

No one plans in advance to get a ticket. However, in our industry, a ticket could mean the end of your career. You need a safety net to protect you against this possibility. You can have that protection for as little as $50 per month. That not only protects your paycheck but also saves you from paying attorney fees that accompany violations.

Truckers Voice in Court Violations

What violations are covered?

All moving and non-moving violations, including:


Following Too Close



Reckless/Careless Driving

Illegal Turn

Failure to obey traffic control devices 

Off truck route

Wrong Lane


All Moving & Non-moving Violations

Where Am I Covered?

The beauty of this protection is that you will be covered in any court within the US & Canada regardless of where you currently reside.

But I already have a ticket.

No need to panic. We can help with pre-existing tickets. Call me or enroll today & we'll walk you through the process. There is an additional fee associated with this scenario. However, as a member, should you receive a ticket in the future there is no additional cost for your attorney representation.

Truckers Voice in Court

Comprehensive Coverage

Serious Traffic Violations

We will cover 100% of your legal defense when a member is charged with: Manslaughter (including Involuntary) and Vehicular or Negligent Homicide.

Violation Representation

We provide free commercial and non-commercial representation on all covered moving & non-moving violations, including (but not limited to): Following Too Close, Speeding, Log Book, Overweight, Equipment

CSA Challenges

We help keep your PSP report clean and accurate! Members receive free DataQ challenges for dismissed, amended or reduced citations handled by a TVC Attorney.

Commercial Truck Insurance
Tire DIscounts

On name brands anywhere in the US.


Fuel Discount

Our Owner Operators are saving, on average, over $7,800 per year with our Fuel and Shop Discount Program powered by ES.


Added Discounts

Truckers Voice in Court

Driver Rewards Program!

Receive 200 Reward Dollars at sign up and recieive 100 Reward Dollars each month with your active membership.
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When using the language attorneys, representation, legal services, consultation, or other similar language, we are referring to referrals to a Provider Attorney. Provider Attorneys are those attorneys who have agreed to provide these services referenced herein to our members. This represents a summary of benefits only. See membership packet for a complete explanation of benefits, provisions, and exclusions. Discount Health Care Benefits: WellDyne. These benefits may be discontinued at any time and may be subject to geographic availability.