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Group Benefits

Protect Your Drivers, Protect Your Business

The majority of CDL drivers on the road today will get a traffic ticket this year. As an industry professional, you already know – when truck drivers are issued moving or nonmoving traffic violations, it takes time away from their deliveries and money away from your business.

What's In It for Your Drivers?

We make it easy for your drivers to sign up for a TVC Pro-Driver Membership, and when they do, they’re signing up for dedicated support from an extensive network of attorneys. TVC Pro-Driver is proud to partner with attorneys across nationwide jurisdictions, so your driver can access LIVE counsel any time he or she needs legal assistance.

We Can Also Help With:

  • SMS Report
  • Safety Audit Preparation
  • FMCSA Safety Audit
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Entrant Audits

Trusted Partner since 1988

Whether it’s reducing the cost of a traffic ticket, determining the best course of action to take to ensure minimal MVR damage or simply being there to answer questions and offer advice, TVC Pro-Driver has a local provider attorney ready to go to bat for the driver in the original citation jurisdiction.

Truckers who need help protecting their Commercial Driver License (CDL) following a speeding ticket, accident or other violation can now rely on TVC Pro-Driver to navigate CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) challenges. To Date, TVC has a 100% success rate CSA challenges.


Access Our Extensive Attorney Network

Our national network of hard­working CDL lawyers has a great success rate of getting violations reduced or dismissed, keeping points off your record and keeping you on the road.

No online portals and no mail-in forms. When your driver calls in with a ticket, they are assigned to an actual provider attorney who will handle their case at all times.

Plus, our live operators are able to take calls in English, French, Hindi/Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish for added convenience.

25% Off Other Legal Matters

For ALL other legal matters, your membership covers you with a 25% discount off of the provider attorney’s normal hourly rate. Your provider attorney may require a retainer fee before beginning work on your case.

This would include but is not limited to: simple will, trusts, divorce, incorporation, bankruptcy, immigration, child support, child custody and all other personal and business related matters.