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Personal Passenger Vehicle Coverages

We Have You Covered

Attorney Representation & Services

We have an extensive network of attorneys. That means no online portals and no mail-in forms. When a member calls in with a ticket, they are assigned to an actual provider attorney who will handle their case at all times.

Lawyer's Representation for Moving Traffic Violations

Pays for a provider attorney to represent you in the court of original jurisdiction for covered moving violations.

Provider Attorney Services For Your Spouse

TVC also goes to court for the member's spouse with regard to tickets and accidents.

Lawyer's Services for Auto Manslaughter & Auto Assault & Battery Defense

Referral to provider attorney for representation against charges of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or negligent homicide, directly arising from a traffic accident.

Emergency & Travel Benefits

Emergency Services

Pays reasonable charges to get your car stared, fix flat tires, gas, jumps, unlocks, etc. Pays for towing to the closest service facility.

Free WellCard

Access to health & wellness discounts including pharmacy & dental discounts.


Local lodging and meals, transportation, or rental car if your car is disabled as a result of an auto accident more than 100 miles from your home.

Maps & Trip Routing

Free, custom step-by-step computerized mapping services.

Car Rental Discounts

Discounts on car rentals at thousands of rental locations.

Ambulance Service

Up to $100 for ambulance service from the scene of an automobile accident.

Financial Protection & Coverage

Truckers Voice in Court

Driver Rewards Program!

Receive 200 Reward Dollars at sign up and recieive 100 Reward Dollars each month with your active membership.
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Price $48.85 or $54.95 per month based on the plan.
When using the language attorneys, representation, legal services, consultation, or other similar language, we are referring to referrals to a Provider Attorney. Provider Attorneys are those attorneys who have agreed to provide these services referenced herein to our members. This represents a summary of benefits only. See membership packet for a complete explanation of benefits, provisions, and exclusions. Discount Health Care Benefits: WellDyne. These benefits may be discontinued at any time and may be subject to geographic availability.